Jira Integration via Chrome Extension: What to do and How to Use it

Enabling Chrome Extension Integrations

  • Log in to the admin dashboard. Go to Settings > Integrations 

    There are two options for the Chrome extension:

  • ON for everyone
  • ON only for selected users

Setting up the Chrome Extension

  • Download Time Doctor 2 Chrome extension. You can download it from your Download page or by clicking here.

    • Select Interactive App > Download the Chrome extension.

  • Install the Chrome extension.

    • If Time Doctor is actively running, it will automatically pick up the app. Any task you’re working on will be reflected in the Chrome extension.

Tracking Jira tasks using the Chrome Extension

  • Open your Jira board to select a task.

  • Look for the “Start Timer” button on the active task. Click this button to start tracking.

How Tracked Time Is Sent Back to Jira

Every 5–15 minutes, the Chrome extension will upload your tracked time back to Jira’s servers. You should expect to see the worklogs from Time Doctor match those in Jira. 

Note: Entries with less than one minute of tracked time will be ignored by Jira and won’t be included in the report.

Note: It’s highly recommended for you to keep the active Jira task window open in at least one of the tabs, preferably the first tab, in order for the extension to continuously upload time from Time Doctor back to Jira’s servers.