What reports does Time Doctor generate?

Activity Summary

This report shows the share of active minutes, active seconds, unproductive, manual, and mobile time for each user over a selected time period. This allows you to identify any problems in your company and compare employees who do similar work. 

Note: This report is only available to admins/managers. 


This report will show you when a user is Present, Absent, Partially Absent or Late. It would also show information when a shift is underway. You may also filter the report by either showing users who have shifts for the given Date range or show only who's absent or late.

Hours Tracked

This report shows how many hours your users have tracked per day, per week, or for any date range you select.

Projects & Tasks

This report shows how much time is spent on a project (or projects) as a whole. It also shows the individual tasks per user inside that project (or projects). 


The daily report shows how much time is spent on tasks and breaks per day, including start and end times. This report also shows who’s online and working, who’s on break, and the last time a user tracked time.

The weekly report shows the time tracked in a week, including the total time tracked per day.

There’s also a side panel that shows up when you’re viewing the reports for each individual day. To view this side panel, switch to day view and simply click on the name of a user to see detailed information about their time use that day. 

Web & App Usage

This report displays the time spent on different websites and applications to help ensure that users are spending their time productively. Depending on the Web and App privacy settings you've configured, It can even show the specific URL of the website they've visited. To learn about how to adjust the level of web & app reporting, go to How to Limit Web & App Usage Reporting in Time Doctor.

This report also shows how much productive/unproductive time users have tracked per day, per week, or for any date range, based on the productivity ratings that you’ve defined for your users/groups.

You have the option to view the report for a specific date, week, month, or a specific date range. Also, you have the option to view the data in a specific time zone using the time zone dropdown on the report.

Internet Connectivity

This report shows each user’s total time offline and the percentage of the day spent offline while tracking time.

Note: Desktop apps need to be updated to version v3.4.8 or later to collect the data needed for the report properly. This feature is currently compatible with Windows and macOS, and will soon be available for Ubuntu OS. 

The setting to enable this feature (and report) is found in the Company Settings page, under Configuration, and is OFF by default. If turned on, the report can be found under Reports. This report is only available for the premium plan.

Custom Export

This report allows you to customize what you'd like to be included in a report without having to download individual reports from multiple pages. It's like your one-stop shop for all reports mentioned above.