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The Web & App Usage Report

Depending on how the Web and App Usage setting is configured, Time Doctor can keep track of every website and application used while the app is actively tracking time. 

First, you need to select the appropriate Web and App privacy setting from the Company Settings page

To know more about this setting, click on this link.

: Time Doctor can only detect and record the applications or websites being used while it is an active window for a certain period of time.

To access this report, go to the Dashboard, click Reports, then navigate to Web & App Usage.

First, choose how you want to view the report: for a specific user, multiple users, a specific group, or multiple groups. You can also select All Users or All Groups if you prefer.

Then select the day, week, month, or specific date range you’d like to see on the report.

You can customize how the Trends section is displayed by choosing either of the 2 and changing to the daily, weekly, or monthly view. 

  • Chart: Total
  • Chart: Percentage

Click on Show Trends or Hide Trends to show/hide the trend section entirely.

The Web & App Usage report has preset views that you can use to sort the report. These are:

  1. Productive users first

  2. Unproductive users first

  3. Productive websites & apps

  4. Unproductive websites & apps

  5. Unrated websites & apps

The report can be viewed via the users' view or the websites & apps view. You’ll find this option underneath the preset views section.

Here is an example of this report seen from a users view:

Here is an example of this report seen from a websites & apps view: