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The Screencasts (Screenshots) Feature

Before we start, make sure you have the screencasts feature enabled for some/all users in your account. Here are instructions on how to set up this feature. 

Important: If a user has more than one monitor connected, the screenshots/videos will be from all the connected monitors.

Once you’ve enabled screencasts, you’ll see the screencasts menu option in the top menu bar of the web app. Clicking here will take you to the Screencasts page where you can view the screencasts for users who: 

  • Have screencasts enabled; and

  • Have tracked time.

Note: You can only view screencasts for one user at a time.
Select the user whose screencasts you want to see and then select the date interval.

You can click on any of the screencast thumbnails to maximize the image and view the keyboard and mouse activity for that time period.
Note: The keyboard and mouse activity number is the average number of keyboard strokes/mouse clicks per minute registered from the previous screencast to the current one.

You’ll also have the option to:

  • Download the (selected) screencasts;

  • Change the timezone; and

  • View only the screencasts with low/no activity.