How to Reset Your Time Doctor Account Password

You can reset your Time Doctor account password using one of the following methods:

Scenario 1: You're currently logged in, but you decided you wanted to change your password.

Step 1

While you’re logged in, click on your name in the top right corner of the page and go to the Edit Profile page. 

Step 2

Change the password for your account and click “Save.”

Scenario 2: You were trying to log in but can't seem to remember your password.

Step 1

Go to the Time Doctor login page.

Step 2

Click “Forgot Password?”

Step 3

Enter the email address linked to your Time Doctor account and click Reset Password

Note: If you enter an email address that’s not registered with us, an error message will appear to let you know that the information entered is incorrect.

Step 4

Check your inbox for the password reset email. Click Reset my password to reset your account password. Your new password should be at least 8 characters, with at least 1 uppercase letter., 1 number and 1 special character.

Step 5

Return to the login page and use your new password to log in to your Time Doctor account.