How to identify devices that may still have the Time Doctor silent app installed

When you delete a silent user from your account, we recommend uninstalling the application from that user’s device, unless you intend to track the activity of other users that use the same device.

Instructions for uninstalling the silent app are HERE.

If you are unsure whether you’ve uninstalled the Time Doctor application from a machine, the Inactive Computers tab  of your Users page can help.

The Inactive Computers tab lists all devices where all associated users have been deleted from your account, and where the silent app has attempted to reach Time Doctor’s server within the past X days (“X” can be specified at the top of the page) 

The last column (“Last Seen”) shows the most recent date that a silent app on the device contacted our server.  If that date is more recent than the date that you attempted to uninstall the silent app, then your uninstallation was not successful.

If you followed the uninstallation instructions properly, then:

  • The “Last Seen” date will be no later than the date on which you uninstalled the application.

  • You should no longer see the process name “sfproc” running in the device’s task manager.