How to ensure Time Doctor will automatically run at the start of each work day

Some users may tend to forget that they have to run Time Doctor before jumping into their tasks. Time Doctor can actually remind you when it’s time to track time. The way it works is that you configure the app to remind you to track time on days you’re supposed to be at work and choose what time it should run.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. In the desktop app itself, click the gear icon on the left to open your settings.

2. Under Tracking, put a check mark on both "Notify When Tracking Starts" and "Auto Start Tracking Each Day".

3. Scroll down to Start up Section and put a check mark on "Launch at Login". This will make the app visible to you as soon as you log in to your computer.

4. Scroll down to Reminders and put a checkmark next to “Remind me to track time.” Then set the time duration, days, and time zone for this reminder.

There’s also a setting where the app can give you a nudge if you haven’t been tracking for a certain number of minutes. This is especially useful when you go on a break in the middle of the workday.