How to Delete and Restore Users in Time Doctor

In some cases, you may need to delete a user from your Time Doctor  account.

It’s fairly simple to delete users. Go to Settings -> Manage Users. Then, simply click the “trash bin” icon on the right-hand side to delete that user.

Important: We recommend uninstalling the silent app tracker from the user's computer manually before or after deleting the user. Please see this article How to Uninstall the Time Doctor Silent App.

Note: We keep the user account data in backup storage for 30 days in case you need to restore that data. After 30 days, all the user account data will be permanently deleted.

Restoring Users

If you want to restore a user that you’ve deleted, just navigate to Settings -> Manage Users. Click on the Deleted Users tab, find the user you want to restore, and click on the Restore icon.