Annual Billing for Time Doctor

Annual Billing for Time Doctor

Time Doctor customers who pay annually receive two months free (a 16.6% discount on the monthly price).

How to Switch from Monthly to Annual Billing

You can do it on the Settings / Billing page.

How Annual Billing Works

You’ll be charged the annual price immediately after switching from monthly to annual payments, even if you’re partway through a month that you’ve already paid for. However, the remainder of the month that you’ve already paid for will be deducted from your annual payment.

If you add more users in the middle of the annual subscription (eg, after 4 months you added 2 more users), then you’ll be charged a prorated annual amount each time you add users.

An Example 

You’re on the Standard monthly pricing plan, paying $100 per month for 10 users. 

On the day that you switch to annual billing, you’ll be charged $1,000 (not $1,200, because you get two months free for paying annually). However, if you’d already paid for part of a month that you hadn’t used, that unused payment would be deducted from the $1,000.

If you then add five more users halfway through the year, you’ll be charged $250 for those users (which is half of the annual price of $500 for those five users).

When your annual subscription renews, assuming that you still have 15 users in your account, you’ll be charged $1,500. This is the monthly price for 15 users, ($150 x 10 months (not 12 months, because you’ll still get two months free).

A Few Notes

  • If you switch to annual billing while you’re still on trial, the $100 discount on your first monthly payment (if you’d already accepted it) won’t be applied. You’ll receive the two-month discount on your annual payment instead.
  • If you have an agreement with us to pay for a certain minimum number of users, your annual payments will be based on that number of users, even if there are fewer users in your account at the time that you’re charged.

Please Note

Your Time Doctor account will be locked if payments are not received within 14 days of your invoice issuing date.