One of Time Doctor’s core features is the ability to track websites and applications used during the workday. This means it not only tracks which websites or apps were visited or used while tracking time, but it can also give you details like:

  • the actual URL of the website,
  • which application was used, and
  • how long it was used for.

Some companies do not require the level of website and app usage reporting that is offered by default, and might prefer this information to be removed from their Time Doctor reports.

You can select the level of detail you’d like to see in Web & App Usage reports. For this, there are four options to choose from in Company Settings.

Off: This disables the website & app reporting feature.

  • The Web & App Usage report and other parts of Time Doctor that relate to website and app use won’t be shown.

Basic: Website & app reporting is limited to website & app names only.

  • For example, if a user watches a YouTube video, reports will show, without showing the page title or the URL of the video.
  • If a user opens a document in Microsoft Word, reports will show that the person used winword. It won’t show the window title (document title), though.

Extended: The reports include full URLs, webpage titles, and app window titles.

  • For websites, you’ll see all URLs accessed along with their corresponding page titles.
  • For apps, all window titles, which might include document names, will be shown in reports.

Custom: Reports show the same info as in Extended, meaning full URLs, webpage titles, and app window titles will be shown. However, you’ll also have the option to specify the URLs for which you want only the root domains to display in reports.

  • For example, if you enter “", and accessed a particular video, the url will appear in reports as "” while the same level of reporting as in Extended will apply to all other websites.
  • For apps, this option provides the same level of reporting as the Extended option.

Note: When you change any of the settings above, this change won’t be applied retroactively.

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