Time Doctor has time zone settings that can be configured, including:

  • Company time zone
  • User time zone

By default, your reports will show the hours worked in the company’s time zone. If you have teams in different parts of the world, they can also view their hours in their respective time zones.

Let’s start by showing you how to configure the time zone for your company’s account.

Setting the Company Time Zone

Go to Settings -> Company Settings. You’ll find a dropdown menu to select the company’s time zone here.

Setting User Time Zones

Go to Settings -> Users. In the Time Zone column, you can select a time zone for each user.

Once you have set up your company’s and users’ time zones, your users should see these time zones in a dropdown menu on their reports as well as on the Edit time page (if the edit time option has been enabled for them). This will allow them to view their hours worked and edit them in the selected time zone.

Note: The time zone dropdown menu will only have those time zones that you have set up on the Users page.

For questions, comments, or feedback regarding this topic, send an email to support2@timedoctor.com.

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