Before we begin, let’s go over what each of the following means in Time Doctor’s reports:

  • Computer time
  • Manual time
  • Productive/unproductive time
  • Idle time

Computer Time

This is the time recorded by the desktop application. These time entries are green in the reports. (See below.)

Manual Time

This is time that a user has added manually. These time entries are orange in the reports. (See below.)

Manual time is also added when the user clicks on “Yes, I was working” on the Were You Working? pop-up. You’ll find more information about this pop-up in this article.

Note: If a user edits an existing time entry to make it longer, only the extra time they’ve added will be considered manual time.

Productive/Unproductive Time

This is the amount of computer time that a user spends using applications and websites that you’ve marked as productive/unproductive on the Productivity Ratings page.

Idle Time

When a user is working but has no keyboard or mouse activity, this is recorded as idle time. You’ll find the totals and percentages for idle minutes and seconds in the Activity Report.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is manual/break time included in idle minutes/seconds?
    No. Idle minutes and seconds are only calculated for the time when the desktop application tracks activity (i.e. computer time).

    If an interactive app user pauses tracking for a certain amount of time, that time won’t count as idle time. The same happens when the tracking times out due to user inactivity.

    Manual time isn’t included in idle minutes and seconds since it isn’t computer time.
  • Do the productivity ratings also apply to manual time?
    Productivity ratings only apply to computer time.

    Manual time doesn’t have any website or application activity associated with it, so it won’t show up in the Productivity Report. It also won’t be included in the user’s productive/unproductive/neutral/unrated time.
  • How does idle time affect the productivity report?
    Idle time doesn’t affect the productivity report.

    A user’s productivity report is based on the websites and applications that the user visits while they’re tracking time. The productivity report doesn’t include the user’s keyboard or mouse activity. The Activity Summary Report report goes into more detail about this.

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