The Time Doctor Chrome extension inserts a start/stop button into Taiga tasks.

It syncs with the desktop app, so any tasks and time tracked using the Chrome extension will appear in the desktop app as well as in reports for your account on the Time Doctor web application. You can install the Time Doctor Chrome extension here.

Please refer to this article for more details on how the Chrome extension works in general.

Once the Chrome extension is installed, you can use it by navigating to any task in your Taiga account. You’ll need to hover your mouse over to the task name for the Start Timer button to appear.

Note: There is a limitation to the Time Doctor integration with Taiga through the Chrome extension. You have to hover over the task name (not the area around it) for the tracking button to appear. After the button has appeared the first time, you can hover anywhere near the task to see the button.

You can also open the task to see the Start Timer button.

Click on this button to start tracking. Click Stop Timer to stop tracking time. 

You’ll see that the task and project have now been added to the list in your desktop app.

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