There are three settings for the screencasts when using Time Doctor:

  • Screenshots
    You can choose the time interval at which screenshots will be taken of the user’s screen(s) while they’re working. (Please review note below)
  • Videos
    A continuous video of the user’s computer screen(s) will be taken while they’re working, broken down into 3-minute chunks.
  • Off
    No screenshots or videos will be taken.

Note: If a user has more than one monitor connected, the screenshots/videos will be from all of the connected monitors.

You can edit the screencast settings for individual users by going to Settings -> Manage Users and using the dropdown menu under “Screencasts” and select a time interval for the screencasts to enable/disable this option for your user(s). 

Note about the Screencasts interval setting: If you select the interval for example for 9 minutes. It doesn't mean that the screenshots will be taken 9 minutes apart from each other. Below are the reasons for it

  • Each screenshot is captured at a random time within the selected time interval
  • Starting and stopping the timer may affect when screenshots are taken.

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