This article will explain how to create user groups in your Time Doctor account. 

Groups are a great way to sort users based on location, department, or even projects.

Only company owners and admins can create user groups.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to Settings -> Manage User Groups.
  3. Click Add Group.
  4. Name your group.
  5. Select the group manager(s).
  6. Select the group member(s).

If you want to remove a group, click on the Archive group button. 

If you want to restore a group, click on Archived Groups, select a group, and click on the Reactivate group button.

Now, if you go to any report, you can view it for any specific group that you’ve created.

Note: The number of Time Doctor groups you can create depends on the pricing plan you are on. More details about the pricing plans can be viewed from here. To check which plan you are on, please check the Billings page in your account.

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