The answer to this will depend on the screenshot interval.

Here’s the approximate hourly bandwidth usage for Time Doctor at different screenshot intervals:

  • A 3-minute interval ≈ 4.2 MB
  • A 15-minute interval ≈ 1.4 MB
  • Without screenshots ≈ 770 Kb

Please note that these are estimates and can be affected by:

  • The screen resolution
  • What is displayed on the screen
  • The number of monitors attached to the workstation

If the video recording feature is turned on, a typical range would be 5 to 10 MB per hour for someone doing regular work. To put this into context, someone watches full-screen HD movies all day could require up to 100 MB per hour or more.

There are several third-party tools available that will let you see firsthand how much data is being used by Time Doctor. One such tool can be found here.

Note: We don’t provide support for third-party tools.

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