Time Doctor increases overall productivity by monitoring computer use in five major ways.

Note: The Time Doctor interactive app does NOT monitor anything on your computer when you’re not tracking time. It will only track your activity when you select a task and track time for that task. The silent app, on the other hand, monitors all activity from the moment you log into your operating system.

  1. Task Tracking (Optional)
    Tracks the total time spent on different tasks while allowing you to easily specify break time.
  2. Keyboard and Mouse Activity
    Checks for idle time when the keyboard and mouse are not being used. The actual keys pressed are not recorded.
  3. Screenshots (Optional)
    Takes intermittent screenshots of your computer screen(s).
  4. Video Recording (Optional)
    Records three-minute videos of your screen(s).
  5. Websites and Applications Used
    Tracks and reports the time spent on different websites and in different applications to help ensure your time is used well.

You can see all of the data about your own work that your admins and managers are able to see.

Task Tracking

Admins can create a list of work tasks in their Time Doctor web account. Users then choose which task they are currently working on and Time Doctor monitors how much time is spent on each of those tasks. They can also quickly and easily let Time Doctor know when they take a break from their work by clicking the pause button.

A manager can also access a report that shows how much time was spent on each task, how much time was spent taking breaks, a chronological timeline version of that report, and the total time worked for the day.

Keyboard and Mouse Activity

Mouse movements and clicks are counted as well as keystrokes. Time Doctor doesn’t record which keys were pressed, only that a key, in general, was pressed.

A manager can specify how long a team member is allowed to be idle with no computer activity before they will receive a popup asking if they’re still working. If there’s no response to the popup, the team member is automatically put on a break.

Web and App Tracking

This report shows you where time is spent. Time Doctor can track not only root domains but individual pages under that domain as well. You can also set individual productivity ratings for websites or applications.

More information about our privacy, security, and compliance policies can be found here.

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