In this article, we’ll describe how to install and uninstall the Time Doctor app on your computer.

Installing the App

Log into your web account. In the upper menu, navigate to your Downloads page. Select your operating system (Windows, OS X, or Linux) then click on “Download App.” Save the installation file on your computer and double-click it when the download has finished.

Linux: Make sure that you “Allow executing file as a program” under Properties -> Permissions for the file.

Uninstalling the App

On Windows, go to the following directory to find and run the uninstaller:

C:\Users\[Your_Windows_Username]\Time Doctor 2

On Mac, go to Applications. Find the Time Doctor app and simply move it to the Trash.

On Linux, navigate to Home and find the folder where you installed the app. Run the uninstall file you find inside that folder.

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