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In this article you will find a list of reports Time Doctor 2 can generate.

  1. Hours Tracked 
  2. Productivity Report
  3. Projects and Tasks
  4. Timeline Report
  5. Timeline Detailed
  6. Web and App Usage

Hours Tracked

Shows you how many hours your users have tracked per day, week or any date range you select.

Productivity Report

Shows how much productive / unproductive time users have tracked per day, week or a date range based on your productivity ratings.

Projects and Tasks

Shows how much time is spent on a project(s) as a whole and on individual tasks per user inside that project(s).

Timeline Report

Daily report view shows how much time is spent on tasks and breaks per day with start and end times. This report also show who is online and working, who is on break and last time user has tracked time.

Weekly report view shows time tracked in a week with a total tracked time per day.

Timeline - Detailed

This report is similar to Timeline, yet it shows Timeline details with tasks breakdown and start/end times. 

Web and App Usage
Shows the time spent on different websites and in different applications to help your ensure a good use of your time.

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